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Why Pizza Restaurant Loyalty Programs Should Exist


Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Crazy schedules, last minute thinkers, tradition, poker night, and a ten year old’s sleepover. These are reasons restaurant loyalty programs exists and why pizza restaurant loyalty programs should exist!

Pizza restaurant customer loyalty programs should exist, for everyone with a crazy schedule. Pizza companies would dramatically increase their daily business if there was a pizza restaurant loyalty program. Everyone at the office decides to order take out. Why order pizza? A loyalty program! Lunch decisions would be heavily influenced by the fact customers get something for choosing pizza! Instead of driving across the street to a burger joint. Who wants to deal with those crowds anyway?

Those crowds that you could face if you forgot to prep dinner. Dinner tends to be a bigger meal for most American families. A bigger meal not prepped means increased profits for some lucky restaurant. A restaurant loyalty program can help increase profits for pizza companies everywhere.

There are many pizza companies springing up everywhere, yet another reason to place a pizza restaurant customer loyalty program. How does a customer choose where to dine on their favorite thin crust with extra cheese? If there is some sort of incentive, those weekly poker players might have a reason to be a regular Thursday night customer.

Friday and Saturdays when ten year old’s across the country are having sleep overs and camp outs is when the pizza restaurant customer loyalty program could have some benefits to offer. Personally delivering pizza to the tent out back definitely increases the connection to customers. Offering a dessert pizza might just make your customers night. Go a step further into the community and hand out loyalty cards or information on the new amazing program at a community event. It is an excuse to talk to the people who support the business.

We as Americans greatly enjoy, support, and indulge in our traditions. Game night with a group of friends or the Huskers on TV used to require a pizza to complete the night. These days appetizers and recipes found online are taking the place of delivery. Pizza companies need to give consumers a reason to stick with tradition.

A pizza company needs a restaurant loyalty program for the following reasons; increase their daily lunch business, increase dinner profits, help customers differentiate between pizza companies, become more involved with their communities, and ensure pizza remains a staple to game night traditions.

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