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Why Loyalty Card Programs Work So Well


Loyalty Card ProgramOne of the best tools that has ever been developed in regards to business is the loyalty card program. For those who are unfamiliar with the program, it is essentially a perk for customers who repeatedly visit and buy from a specific business. The loyalty card is a physical plastic card that these loyal customers carry around to get the benefits of their membership. These benefits could be discounts on certain products or exclusive and early access to new products. Often, a loyalty card program will use a “points” system, which is where a customer gets a certain number of points for every dollar they spend. These points can then be used to receive percentages off of certain items, etc.

A customer loyalty card program has a positive effect on your business, there is no doubt about it. When customers are incentivized properly to return to your business and buy more products, you can be sure that they will. A loyalty program is beneficial to both the customer and the business in this way, and that is the end result that any good company should be trying to achieve. There are two reasons that the customer loyalty card program works so well:

First of all, as proven time and time again, customers love discounts. Those people who clip coupons, jump on sales or buy all of your clearance items are definitely going to love your loyalty program because it gives them just one more way to save money, increasing the chance that they will shop with you instead of someone else. In addition, customers who don’t really have the time to watch for sales or pay attention to coupons now have a way to save a little bit on their purchase, and you can be sure that they will take advantage of it too.

The second reason that a loyalty program is so effective is because of the card itself. Many loyalty programs could work without a card (as you can still find the customers information in your database), but the card adds a lot to the experience. Not only does it make the feel customer feel special and important on a certain level, it serves as a constant reminder that your business exists. When a customer is digging through her purse for makeup or through his wallet for the credit card, he or she will catch a glimpse of your card and suddenly remember that they need to stop by your business later to purchase something.

Proven over time that the customer loyalty card experience combined with the savings customers get encourage customer to shop more with you and helps keep you business in the customers mind.

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