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How To Use Holidays To Promote Your Customer Loyalty Program


Customer Loyalty ProgramsPerhaps more than at any other time of the year, Americans flex their buying muscle at each holiday; Valentines Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, and so on. Fortunately, business owners and managers can use this predictable behavior as a one-two punch to promote customer loyalty all year long by implementing or promoting customer loyalty programs.

Who among most customers doesn’t appreciate getting a little something extra when it comes time to make a business transaction? And since a customer is in a business at a holiday time, why not turn his visit into something a little more pleasant by giving them something free, something like an extra credit on their new customer loyalty card or some other such promotion?

The effectiveness of programs like this depend greatly on the type of products a business sells or services it renders, but astute business owners and managers are keenly aware that there are lots of other businesses out there who would like their customer’s loyalty as much as they would. It is for this reason that a customer loyalty program is so important for year round business. If a business begins or promotes its loyalty program during a holiday the chances are very good that customers will make their choice for that business where they will enjoy a loyalty incentive over another where they do not. This can be proved true especially in hard economic times such as the one the world is facing today.

Not only is this true, but many business owners and managers have found that a loyalty program, when not relegated to an “extra” and instead is a prominent feature of a sale, or even the entire theme of a promotion, enjoys great success year-round. This is largely due to the fact that those who participate in a customer loyalty program can enjoy the benefits of that incentive all year long.

Face it, in these more difficult business times, those who pull out all of the stops to win customers will not only survive, but thrive both now and especially when the times get better. A customer loyalty program can make a big difference in speeding up that recovery process.

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