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Any Size Coffee Shop Can Benefit From Customer Loyalty Program


Coffee Shop Customer Loyalty ProgramCustomer loyalty programs are a great way to build up a company’s clientele and portray themselves as a trustworthy establishment. This can apply to companies of all sizes and within all industries. For example, even a coffee shop can greatly benefit from offering a customer loyalty program.

If you own a small independent coffee shop, you may find yourself concerned about bigger competitors, such as Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts. One way to get a leg up on them is to implement an exciting customer loyalty program that will lure people away from the bigger coffee chains and show them that you can provide them with better coffee and better service.

When launching a coffee shop loyalty program be sure to implement a rewards system for your customers. For example, one great idea is to give out cards that customers can have stamped each time they buy a cup of coffee from you. Allow them to obtain a free cup of coffee after having purchased four cups from your shop. This will give them motivation to frequent your coffee shop as opposed to your competition.
Another big part of today’s customer loyalty programs involves having a mobile application your customers can download for free. They should be able to use this application to find out information about your shop, about any special deals or promotions you are running, and other pertinent information. The more fun and engaging your coffee shop’s mobile app is the more customers will be loyal to you.

If you are intrigued about having a coffee shop customer loyalty program for your business but aren’t sure where to start, contact LoyalMark who specializes in developing coffee shop loyalty programs to help you create one.

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