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How A Hotel Loyalty Program Can Grow Your Occupancy


Hotel Loyalty ProgramWith the economy in the shape it’s in today, every business is looking for the best ways to get valued customers to stay connected to them. While specials and deals get customers in the door, they often fail to get them to stay or keep them coming back. In the hospitality business, this is especially true since many customers are often seasonal or a onetime sale. What is needed in this and many other cases is a customer hotel loyalty program.

What are customer hotel loyalty programs?

Loyalty programs are where you as a business offer an incentive for being a member of an exclusive club or program. This reward is often conditional on a certain number of points or any other goal but is an incentive for frequenting your establishment. The rewards can be anything from free services, prizes, or deeper discounts than would normally be offered to others.

How do customer loyalty programs increase occupancy for my hotel?

They give your customers a reason to come back. You tell all of your guests about the customer loyalty program, give them a way to join; preferably online and they often will. What happens next is simple: The next time they are thinking of a place to stay, you pop up in their mind first since they are a member of YOUR club. They want the rewards, they like being a member and they enjoy the peace of mind knowing they have one less thing to worry about. Now here’s the best part: Let’s say that you own a franchise of a larger chain and your chain offers a customer loyalty program that you participate in. Customers that you have never seen before will use your services simply due to the fact that they signed up while staying at a different location. The same situation works for other franchisees that you signed up and they go to another location simply due to the customer hotel loyalty program. Everyone wins.

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