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What Is Near Field Communication and Is It Here to Stay?


Near Field CommunicationNFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a short-range communication technology that allows for simplified transactions between two devices that are in proximity to each other. NFC is similar to Bluetooth, but two devices do not have to be programmed to work together with NFC – they simply need to touch in order to in order to establish a connection.

Many of today’s smartphones are embedded with NFC chips that are capable of sending encrypted data across a short distance. NFC is certainly here to stay, and it is expected to become a widely used system for making payments via smartphone.

NFC is a safe and effective method of short-range wireless communication. The maximum distance that data can travel via NFC is 20cm, so there’s virtually no risk of unauthorized communication. NFC has been around for several years now, but it is still not widely used, although that is set to change.

Benefits of NFC

The benefits of NFC are numerous. NFC is highly convenient for consumers because it makes it easier for them to connect electronic devices wirelessly, exchange content, and perform transactions. To initiate an NFC transaction, all that’s needed is a simple touch. NFC is extremely useful for ecommerce businesses because it boosts transaction speed and accuracy. NFC devices can be used to make payments like credit cards. All consumers have to do is enter a PIN and use their NFC device to touch a payment terminal or vending machine in order to make a purchase.

NFC devices can be used for many other purposes. An NFC device can act as a student, employee, or personal ID card. It can also serve as a key for your office, house, or car. In addition, NFC devices can be used as rental car or hotel room keys. An NFC device can also be used as a boarding pass, coupon, or tour guide that provides information or audio and visual presentations.

NFC devices also facilitate social networking. NFC devices can be used to share a variety of files, including links, songs, videos, and applications. NFC devices may also eliminate the need for business cards because they enable people to instantly trade virtual business cards. Moreover, NFC devices can be used to enter a multiplayer game in mobile gaming, “friend” someone on Facebook, or “check-in” at a location and post it to a social network.

NFC is also expected to play a prominent role in the healthcare industry because NFC devices enable medical professionals to keep track of their patients’ appointments and treatments. The clinical and laboratory data associated with each patient’s NFC tag can be collected and transferred to a database in real-time.

The Future of NFC

NFC boasts several practical uses, so it has long held the attention of major companies, including Sony and Nokia. These and other big companies formed the NFC Forum in 2004 to promote NFC technology. While it’s taken some time for NFC to reach the mainstream, the technology is expected to have a significant impact on society and play an important role in our daily lives in the next few years.

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