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4 Ways to Get More Customers to Join Your Rewards Program


Customers Join Rewards ProgramsImplementing a rewards program can be an excellent move for many businesses. Rewards programs often help to keep customers coming back. They can also help you attract new customers to your business. It can be difficult to entice new customers to join your program, however.

Traditional types of advertising, including television, radio, and newspaper ads, are one way to get new consumers to sign up to your program, but they are often very expensive. Traditional ads may also be somewhat ineffective, since many consumers have programmed themselves to tune out most types of advertising. Below are a few excellent ways to get customers to join your rewards program.

1. Promote your rewards program

Besides traditional advertising, there are a few different ways that you can promote your program.

  • Most businesses these days have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and more recently added to the social media arsenal, Google+. If you don’t have a social media strategy in place by now, you need to get started. Social networks are an excellent place to reach new and existing customers with promotions that they are excited to take advantage of and willing to share with others.
  • Email marketing is another great way to share your latest promotions with your existing customers, pair this with a well-crafted social media strategy and you’ve got a recipe for a successful loyalty program.
  • 29% of mobile users are open to scanning a mobile tag to get coupons.¹ Mobile tags can present coupons or promotions that can be redeemed instantaneously in store. Use a mobile marketing strategy to promote your rewards program and you’ll create a customer experience more and more people are willing to opt into.
  • Place the rewards that customers can earn on signs next to your products. This will not only alert potential members about your rewards program, but it can also be very helpful for current members.
  • Train your employees to promote your rewards program. Make sure every one of your employees understands the program well and is able to explain its benefits to potential members. Instruct them to ask customers if they would like to join during every transaction.

2. Offer a referral bonus

In addition to training your employees to promote your rewards program, encourage current members to promote the program. To do this, offer a referral bonus to members of your program that recruit new members. For example, a current member of your rewards program could get 50 extra points for recruiting his family member, friend, or neighbor.

3. Offer a sign up bonus

As an incentive to join your rewards program, give every new member a bonus when they sign up. This gives new members instant gratification because they don’t have to wait for their first reward. For instance, you can give customers a certain number of points or a nice discount on their first purchase. You can also give away a free product or item, such as a gift card or t-shirt.

4. Make your rewards program easy to join.

No one wants to sign up for a rewards program that requires a long and difficult sign up process. In order to get more customers to join your loyalty program, you need to make the sign up process as quick and painless as possible.

Membership for your program should only require the most basic personal information, such as a name, address, email, and phone number. You can also train your employees to sign customers up quickly at checkout. Make sure that new customers sign up before leaving your store. Never give them a paper form to take home and fill out because they will likely forget about it or lose it.

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