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5 Reasons Your Spa Needs a Loyalty Card Program


Spa Loyalty Card ProgramSpa Loyalty Program

Hotels, supermarkets, and gas stations have jumped on the loyalty card bandwagon to retain clients and increase sales. Unfortunately, much of the spa industry is yet to catch on to the loyalty card craze, which is a shame because loyalty programs offer innumerable benefits. In today’s finicky economy, a loyalty card program may be just the ticket to standing out from the competition and attracting cash-conscious consumers. Here are 5 reasons your spa needs a loyalty card program.

Increases sales

It’s easier to retain existing customers than it is to attract new ones. According to a study by Marketing Metrics, the average company has a 5-20% probability of a sale to prospects, a 20-40% probability of a sale to lost customers, and a 60-70% probability of a sale to active customers. Loyal customers also tend to spend more and refer your spa to others, bringing in more revenue for your business.

Improves your products and services

Loyal customers provide more feedback, enabling you to improve your products and services. You can survey your best customers to gauge their satisfaction levels and ask them for feedback. They’ll become even more loyal to your spa if you act upon their suggestions! Customers love it when they feel like their input is valued.

Provides customer and transactional data

Establishing a loyalty program is a great way to garner information about your customers and learn more about what makes them tick. With the data that loyalty program software provides, you can determine who your most profitable and least profitable customers are, figure out which offers are the most likely to produce loyal customers, and get a clearer overall picture of your customer base.

Sets your spa apart from the competition

In today’s crowded marketplace, many spas offer similar products and services, so it can be difficult to stand out. The right loyalty program may be just what you need to differentiate your spa and jumpstart sales.

Fill appointment slots during slow periods

Offer special rewards or double points to loyalty card program members during slow periods to influence purchases. You can also fill appointment slots by reminding customers who haven’t come in for a while about how many points they’ve accumulated.

Loyalty card programs offer benefits to both spas and their customers. Customers who are loyal to a particular spa receive discounts, points or merchandise. For spas, loyalty card programs boost sales and revenue while providing a wealth of customer data. Just remember to actively promote and maintain your loyalty card program so that new and repeat clients recognize its worth.

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