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5 Reasons Your Salon Needs a Loyalty Card Program


Salon Loyalty Card Program

How do you stand out from competing salons and attract new customers? How do you maximize your customer base and keep customers coming back again and again? Many salons have been able to achieve all of the above with a loyalty card program. Loyal salon customers are a major asset to your salon because they cost less to serve, refer their friends and family, and spend more. Here are 5 reasons your salon needs a loyalty card program.

Boosts loyalty

Loyalty card programs boost loyalty and loyal customers are like gold to salons because they don’t shop around. This is a huge benefit considering that 68% of consumers change their place of business for little or no reason.

Returning customers not only help you grow your business and make it more profitable, they also cost you less than new ones. Loyalty card programs increase loyalty because they make your customers feel special and appreciated.

Generates referrals

Excellent loyalty card programs turn mere customers into brand advocates who sell your business for you. Happy, loyal customers are more likely to refer your salon to others.

Increases customer spending

By rewarding your customers each time they spend money at your salon, you’re giving them an incentive to spend more money with you. A loyalty card program can mean the difference between customers buying only a standard treatment and getting an add-on treatment they wouldn’t normally get.

Improves customer service

Without your customers, your salon would be out of business, so it’s vital to maintain a high level of service and show your customers that you value their patronage. A loyalty card program improves customer service by showing your customers that you care about them.

Enhances your salon’s brand image

A loyalty card that is branded with your salon’s logo and artwork creates an image of exclusivity, quality, and professionalism. Loyalty cards constantly remind your customers about your salon and serve as miniature billboards. Because a loyalty card fits into a customer’s purse or wallet, it is rarely forgotten at home.

Many salon owners use discounts to attract more customers and boost sales. While discounts may increase the number of sales you make, they require you to make significantly more sales to reach the same level of profits that you would if you sold your products and services at full price.

With a loyalty card program, you can avoid discounts and instead reward your customers with points every time they buy from you. Your customers continue making purchases and collecting points until they accumulate enough to redeem against future purchases. Simply put, a loyalty card program can increase your profits through repeat business and end your salon’s dependency on discounts.

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