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Why Is Couponing So Popular?


Why Is Couponing So Popular?Couponing has become a popular pastime in the last few years because people are becoming smarter about saving and more strategic about shopping. Coupons bring down the cost of items for consumers, who have become more frugal because of the fragile state of our world economy. In the past, deal hunters were limited to cutting out coupons from magazines and newspapers, but nowadays, consumers can search online for coupons to print out, get access to exclusive deals on social networking sites, buy into rock bottom deals on daily deals sites, and use coupon codes when they purchase items online.

That being said, offline coupons aren’t dead. Many people still clip coupons from newspapers and magazines. Some even buy multiple copies of the same magazine or newspaper in order to stock up on a particular coupon or subscribe to their local newspaper just for the coupon insert in the Sunday paper. It’s not unusual for people to spend hours each week gathering coupons that allow them to save up to 90% on their shopping bills, but not everybody is that dramatic about couponing. Nevertheless, more and more consumers are realizing the benefits of using coupons and are keeping an eye out for discounts and deals.

Having Fun with Frugality

Couponing is popular not only because of the state of the economy and people’s desire to save money – it’s also popular because many people see it as a fun game. The TLC Network’s show “Extreme Couponing” created a major buzz around couponing. The show featured one savvy shopper who, thanks to couponing, bought $562 worth of groceries for a mere $25.91 at Shop ‘n Save.

Finding coupons can be a time-consuming process if you don’t know where to look – that’s why there are many websites devoted to couponing where people can access great deals and coupons for a variety of items in the same place. Subscribing to updates on these sites save couponing enthusiasts a significant amount of time.

Mobile couponing is also taking the world by storm as smartphones increase in popularity. The mobile couponing trend allows consumers to download coupons onto their cell phones and simply show their phone screen to the cashier at checkout in order to get the discount. Mobile couponing eliminates the need to sort through stacks of newspapers and magazines in search of good deals.

The economy is slowly recovering, but the couponing craze is likely here to stay. The desires to save money, cut back on unnecessary spending, and have fun while hunting down the best bargains will undoubtedly continue fueling the couponing trend for years to come. Loyalty programs that provide exclusive discounts and extras to members will also continue to experience a surge in popularity as cash-conscious customers look for ways to get more for their money.

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