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7 Little-Known Facts about Customer Loyalty Programs


7 Facts About Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a powerful thing. Loyal customers will stick with your brand through thick and thin, sing your praises to everybody they know, and purchase your products and services on a regular basis, even if your competitors are offering something less expensive. Whether you’re thinking about creating a customer loyalty program or your company already has one, here are some facts about customer loyalty and loyalty programs that you ought to consider.


32.3% of consumers said the recession has made their participation in retail rewards programs more important. – Colloquy

When times are tough, loyalty program participation increases. So, if you don’t already have a loyalty program, consider setting one up while the economy is still floundering.


 70% of people from higher-income households ($125,000/year) are more loyal to companies that offer rewards programs. – Maritz

If you’re targeting consumers from higher-income households, establish a loyalty program to capture their interest.


 Membership in loyalty schemes is more popular among women than men. 72% of women were members of three or more schemes, compared to 51% of men. –The Wise Marketer

If your target market is women, that alone is a good reason to implement a loyalty scheme.


 Poor customer service (44%) is the feature most likely to put people off from increasing their spend. Other undesirable features of loyalty programs include unachievable rewards (28%), unrealistic points expiry deadlines (20%) or receiving too much communication (18%). – IPSOS Mori

When planning your loyalty program, keep these factors in mind. Making loyalty program members unhappy defeats the whole purpose of having a loyalty program in the first place!


 1 in 4 consumers have received a reward or promotion for something they would never buy. – ACI Worldwide

This statistic highlights the importance of gathering data about your loyalty program members and their purchase behavior. The rewards and promotions you offer loyalty program members should cater to their needs and interests. One of the major benefits of establishing a loyalty program is having the ability to collect a wealth of data about your customers.


 More than 2 in 5 consumers (44%) have had a negative experience with a loyalty program. – ACI Worldwide

It’s unfortunate that so many people have had negative experiences with loyalty programs because loyalty programs are supposed to boost customer loyalty – not be detrimental to it. Think about what you can do to keep your loyalty program members happy because negative publicity spreads quickly.


 85% of consumers who are enrolled in a loyalty program haven’t heard a single word since they signed up. – ACI Worldwide

Many consumers join loyalty programs but then forget about them completely because they don’t hear anything from the company ever again. Don’t make the mistake of failing to communicate regularly with your loyalty program members! It’s essential to keep loyalty program members involved by sending special offers and promotions on a periodic basis and giving them incentives to do business with you again.

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