Craigslist Gift Card Scam

Consumer Alert: The Craigslist Gift Card Scam

By Sam Sorbara - 7th February 2012

Gift cards are one of the most popular types of gifts, both to give and to receive. They are quick and convenient to buy, and they allow the...

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Customized Loyalty Solutions

Customized Loyalty Solutions: Your Retail Store Needs Them NOW!

By Mike Sorbara - 3rd February 2012

As many retail store owners have already found out, launching a loyalty program can be an excellent business move. Loyalty programs, however, are not a “one size fits...

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Gift Card Malls

What is a Gift Card Mall?

By Sam Sorbara - 31st January 2012

At a gift card mall, a gift giver will be able to find gift cards from most major retailers. Some businesses that may have gift cards in a...

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Loyalty Credit Cards

Loyalty Credit Cards: A Thing of the Past?

By Sam Sorbara - 27th January 2012

Ever been offered a branded credit card by a retailer? Major retailers, like the Gap and Amazon, offer branded credit cards to their customers. Businesses realize that it’s...

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Buying Gift Cards on eBay

Should You Buy Gift Cards on eBay?

By Sam Sorbara - 25th January 2012

Gift cards make gift giving easy. Buying them is quick and convenient, and you can rest assured that recipients will end up getting exactly what they want since...

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