Restaurant Loyalty Program

How Restaurants Attract and Keep Loyal Customers

By Mike Sorbara - 23rd January 2012

Loyal customers are often a major source of revenue for businesses. This is especially true for restaurants. Attracting and keeping loyal diners can sometimes be difficult for restaurants,...

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Rewards Program Promotions

4 Ways to Get More Customers to Join Your Rewards Program

By Sam Sorbara - 20th January 2012

Implementing a rewards program can be an excellent move for many businesses. Rewards programs often help to keep customers coming back. They can also help you attract new...

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Customers Spend More Than the Gift Card Value

Why You Always Spend More Than the Gift Card Value

By Mike Sorbara - 18th January 2012

When you use gift cards, does the total amount of your purchases usually exceed the cash value of the card? Do you usually end up paying cash out...

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Why a Car Dealership Needs a Gift Card Program

By Sam Sorbara - 16th January 2012

Gift cards are often associated with many different types of businesses, including coffee shops, clothing stores, media stores, and large retail stores. Car dealerships, on the other hand,...

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Loyal Customers Using Loyalty Cards

Top 5 Reasons for Getting a Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 12th January 2012

If your business is yet to establish a loyalty program, you may want to seriously consider getting one. Not only does a loyalty program help to maintain your...

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