Loyalty Program Predictions

4 Loyalty Program Predictions for 2012

By Sam Sorbara - 23rd December 2011

The New Year is often a time for people to make resolutions and commit to change. Individuals aren’t the only ones that make New Year resolutions, however. Successful...

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Customer Loyalty

Is There Such a Thing as Customer Loyalty Anymore?

By Sam Sorbara - 21st December 2011

There was once a time when people shopped exclusively at Old Joe’s shop, not necessarily because he had the best prices or the flashiest advertising gimmicks, but because...

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Email Marketing Loyalty Program

Is Email Marketing Good Enough to Be Considered a Loyalty Program?

By Sam Sorbara - 9th December 2011

It’s far less expensive and difficult to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Email marketing is a great way to keep in...

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SKU Loyalty Program

The Importance of Having a SKU (Product) Based Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 7th December 2011

SKU, or stock-keeping unit, is a number or code that’s used to identify each unique product that a store or business has for sale. SKU systems make it...

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Starbuck Mobile Loyalty App

Why Starbucks’ Loyalty Program Is So Successful

By Mike Sorbara - 5th December 2011

Oops…Looking to Download the Starbucks Mobile App? click here Starbucks, which is one of the largest coffeehouse chains in the world, also happens to have the most successful...

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