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Should You Charge Customers to Enroll in Your Loyalty Program?

By Mike Sorbara - 21st November 2011

Loyalty programs are highly beneficial to both consumers and merchants. They give consumers incentives to do business with one company instead of another by providing them with attractive...

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Social Media and Customer Loyalty

Twitter and Facebook Are Not Loyalty Programs

By Sam Sorbara - 11th November 2011

Social media is huge and loyalty program developers are scrambling to get caught up with the social media wave. According to DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research, a large...

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Loyalty Card Programs

Customer Loyalty Programs Should be Simple

By Sam Sorbara - 9th November 2011

Loyalty programs have been around for a long time and some of the simplest ones are the best used programs. Making a loyalty program difficult to understand and...

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Successful Loyalty Program

4 Elements of A Successful Loyalty Program

By Mike Sorbara - 1st November 2011

Loyalty programs are used to promote a dedicated buying pattern from customers. They are not a new invention. They have been used by retailers and business owners for...

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Paper Gift Certificates vs Plastic Gift Cards

Paper or Plastic? Gift Certificates vs Gift Cards

By Sam Sorbara - 26th October 2011

When was the last time you used a paper gift certificate? Remember receiving a much loved slip of paper deftly inserted inside a birthday or Christmas card? Some...

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