Customer Loyalty Program

Why Every Business Should Use A Customer Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 6th February 2013

You may have noticed that more and more businesses are beginning to use customer loyalty programs in recent years, and you  might even wonder if you will need...

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Client Retention Program

How to Know If Your Client Retention Program Is a Waste of Money

By Sam Sorbara - 8th October 2012

Well-designed, properly researched client retention programs are always a good idea. On the other hand, loyalty programs put together in a hurry and without a thorough understanding of...

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Customer Retention Programs

Why Customer Retention Programs Aren’t Just for Big Companies

By David Sorbara - 2nd October 2012

If you think customer retention programs are just for the big players, think again. Large businesses like banks and airlines benefit from loyalty programs, but small and medium-sized...

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B2B Customer Retention Program

How to Create a Successful Client Retention Program in the B2B Sector

By Sam Sorbara - 28th September 2012

When you think of client retention programs, a B2C company that rewards consumers probably comes to mind. However, loyalty programs are also very much a reality in the...

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evolution of customer retention

The Next Evolution of Customer Retention Programs

By Sam Sorbara - 24th August 2012

Customer retention programs, or loyalty programs, have come a long way since their inception. Programs that were once seen as the “next big thing” include Subway’s Sub Club,...

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