Measure Loyalty Success

How to Measure the Performance of Your Customer Retention Program

By Sam Sorbara - 3rd August 2012

Measuring the success of your customer retention program is essential to improving it. If you’re giving something away but are not seeing an increase in profits or customer...

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Build Your Brand With Loyalty Cards

A Guide to Building Your Brand with Customer Loyalty Programs

By David Sorbara - 26th July 2012

The primary goal of customer retention programs is to reward existing customers so that they keep coming back. However, successful loyalty programs also have an added benefit: they...

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Join Loyalty Card Program Today

5 Tips for Promoting Your Client Retention Program at the Point-of-Sale

By Sam Sorbara - 19th July 2012

The keys to customer retention are building customer loyalty and encouraging specific purchase behavior. Client retention programs, also known as rewards programs or loyalty programs, allow you to...

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Customer Loyalty Programs

7 Ways to Leverage Customer Retention Program Data

By Sam Sorbara - 10th July 2012

  Customer data is the foundation of any successful customer retention program because it enables you to better profile customers. If you want to increase customer loyalty, you need...

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Social Media and Loyalty Card Programs

How to Use Location-Based Social Networks in Your Customer Retention Program

By Mike Sorbara - 5th July 2012

Social media marketing has become part of the mainstream, but using location-based social networks like Foursquare, Yelp, and SCVNGR for marketing customer retention programs is still a novelty. These...

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