Daily Deals vs. Loyalty Programs

Daily Deals vs. Loyalty Programs: Which Is Better?

By Sam Sorbara - 28th May 2012

Daily deals sites like Groupon and Living Social have become undeniably popular over the last few years. Business owners often launch daily deals campaigns with the belief that...

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LoyalMark at 2012 Toronto Spa Show

LoyalMark Exhibits at 2012 Toronto Spa Show

By Mike Sorbara - 15th May 2012

Where were you on April 29-30, 2012? LoyalMark was chatting up spa owners at the North American Conference for Esthetic, Spa, and Medical Spa Professionals at the Metro...

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Loyalty Program Customer Data Improves Sales

How to Make Loyalty Program Data Pay Off

By Sam Sorbara - 2nd May 2012

Business owners often assume that the sole purpose of loyalty programs is to build customer loyalty, as their name suggests. But one major, oft-overlooked benefit of running loyalty...

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Loyalty Program 80-20 Rule

How Loyalty Programs Help You Profit from the 80/20 Rule

By David Sorbara - 24th April 2012

Vilfredo Pareto was a 19th century economist and sociologist who observed that a relatively small number of causes are responsible for a large number of effects, typically at...

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7 Facts About Customer Loyalty

7 Little-Known Facts about Customer Loyalty Programs

By Mike Sorbara - 18th April 2012

Customer loyalty is a powerful thing. Loyal customers will stick with your brand through thick and thin, sing your praises to everybody they know, and purchase your products...

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