Starting Loyalty Program

4 Factors to Consider Before Starting a Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 12th April 2012

It has long been said that it’s easier and less expensive to sell to existing customers than it is to acquire new ones. As a result, many businesses...

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Things To Do With A Loyalty Program

5 Things Businesses Forget to Do After Launching a Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 2nd April 2012

When done right, a loyalty program can generate as much as 20 percent of your profits, but building a successful, profitable loyalty program isn’t as easy as it...

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Digital Coupons

Is Digital Couponing the Next Big Thing?

By David Sorbara - 21st March 2012

Inspired by the economic downturn and reality TV shows that champion extreme couponing, today’s consumers have rediscovered their affinity for coupons. Traditional print couponing is still going strong,...

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Starbuck Mobile Loyalty App

How to Boost Loyalty with a Mobile App: The Starbucks Example

By Sam Sorbara - 16th March 2012

The implementation of mobile loyalty programs is still low in many industries, but Starbucks has shown that mobile loyalty apps have the potential to deliver customer satisfaction and...

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Target Marketing Through Loyalty Programs

Target Marketing: Why You Need to Do It Now!

By Mike Sorbara - 14th March 2012

Businesses that try to be everything to everyone typically fail. In today’s economic climate, having a well-defined target market is more crucial than ever before. Many of the...

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