Customer Service

Loyalty Program Customer Services

LoyalMark Customer Service Commitment

Every LoyalMark Loyalty Marketing Solution is backed by our commitment to support every client on a 24/7 basis.

LoyalMark does not outsource any of its customer service staff. It is our belief that our help-desk should be staffed in-house to resolve issues as quickly as possible should they arise.

Our Help Desk provides dedicated bilingual (English and French) support via a dedicated 1-800 telephone service for ease of access.

LoyalMark Customer Service provides ongoing technical support as required including new programs set up and implementation, data extract support to meet all customer requirements.

LoyalMark also offers supplementary services to program customized reports as needed.

LoyalMark provides basic training for customer staff which typically is a “train- the-trainer” approach. We can adapt any training if required for example, training staff at the store level.

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