Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gift and/or Loyalty Card?

A gift and/or loyalty card is a reusable, stored-value plastic card that enables merchants to have an electronic alternative to paper gift certificates and paper loyalty cards. They are standard credit card size and thickness, which includes a magnetic stripe/barcode and human readable number.

What happens when a customer buys an item greater in value than their gift card?

The customer is prompted to pay for the remainder of the transaction via another payment tender.

Is there any limit to the amount that can be put on a Gift Card?

There is no limit to the amount that can be credited to a gift card. Dollar minimum and maximums can be set and adjusted for transactions by the Corporate Account Manager.

Will my LoyalMark Gift Card look unique?

Every LoyalMark client’s Gift Card is unique and no two look the same. LoyalMark designers work closely with each client to create unique gift card branding.

What Marketing collateral support is available?

LoyalMark can provide such things as window stickers, point-of-purchase displays and individual card sleeves with an initial order. Our marketing specialists will also provide guidance for advertising, direct marketing and promotional opportunities.

How soon can a LoyalMark gift card program be implemented?

Depending on the program, allow 4 − 6 weeks for production after artwork approval. It is possible for some programs to be initiated in less time.

How does LoyalMark process its transactions?

LoyalMark is integrated to many POS systems and terminals. We can also process our transactions securely on the web. Additionally, we are partnered with who can provide an all-in-one terminal including debit and credit card processing if needed.

When will we get our Performance Reports?

Reports can be generated securely online when required. Reports can also be scheduled and sent via email in accounting friendly formats configurable to suit client needs.

How can customers check their card balances?

All LoyalMark solutions offer a secure access Internet web page that allows customers to access their card or point balance and their transaction history.

Is there a Minimum order requirement?

The minimum order for a LoyalMark Loyalty Marketing Solution is 500 cards.

How secure and confidential is a LoyalMark program?

All data collected is retained with complete security. Our strict, secure Customer Privacy Policy ensures that any customer names or email addresses remain private and secure. LoyalMark will never divulge or use any customer data for any purpose. We will not release or sell any lists under any circumstances.

Can get your Customer Support when I need it?

LoyalMark customer service support is available year round on a 24/7 basis.

When can I activate a LoyalMark Marketing Solution card?

Gift/loyalty cards are activated at the merchant level in-store for the amount chosen. When activated, the card becomes ‘live’ and can then be used immediately at any participating locations.

What happens to add “points” on a card towards a redeemable reward offered by the merchant?

This information is inputted at the point-of-sale by the consumer and stored securely. Details of the Rewards program: i.e. points per dollar amount, can be customized by the Corporate Account Manager.

Does LoyalMark offer both fixed and flexible dollar value gift cards?

Yes! There is no limit on the number of fixed or flexible card values per order.

We are concerned about security issues. How does LoyalMark address them?

A LoyalMark card program is very secure compared to a paper program. Daily sales audits, and tracking of all transactions on our secure systems – even ones deleted – avoid fraud on any level.
Recognizing people’s concerns, LoyalMark includes a secure and confidential Internet webpage for customers to register their card. In that situation, if a card is lost, for example, the Corporate Account Manager can cancel the card and issue a replacement based on a person’s name.

We already use a Loyalty and/or gift program and want to transfer it, securely and confidentially. Can we?

The quick answer is ‘Yes’ – LoyalMark can convert your existing programs to take advantage of the many features of any LoyalMark Marketing Solution.

Can we expect to sell more gift cards than paper certificates?

Studies show that most retailers offering gift cards will sell considerably more to people using their gift cards than traditional paper certificates.
One primary reason is that gift cards feature “No Cash Back” meaning that if there is a partial redemption, the balance remains on the card. This encourages consumers to return at another time to use the balance with a future purchase. The retailer is fully protected from the possibility of losses with our real-time tracking of the transactional status on the card.

Do loyalty cardholders spend more money on average than regular customers?

Statistics show a significant number of loyalty program participants drive revenue sales through repeat visits. Loyalty programs motivate customers to revisit and spend. Surveys show that shoppers are more inclined to revisit a vendor with a loyalty program and are very receptive to everything offered by that retail.
Our customers are already loyal and visit our locations regularly, so what value is there to instigating a Loyalty Marketing Program?
While you may recognize people returning to your location, chances are you really do not know much about them. If you develop a sophisticated Customer Relationship Program you will begin to obtain valuable information about each participant. The more information you receive, the better you can respond to meet their needs. You can identify trends and start target marketing to them. Or, for example, you can use the information to help sell promotional or other merchandise at a specific time, which is beneficial to your business.
It’s one thing to have loyal customers, but it’s better to have loyal customers who return and buy!

In our business we really do not like giving discounts to anybody, so what is the benefit of using a loyalty program?

The first thing you need to understand is that a loyalty program is not a discount program. A well-structured loyalty program gives participants rewards at the same time as gathering useful information about its customers’ buying habits and preferences. The participant collects points and you, the merchant, can decide what the value is to those points. The best way to think about this is that you are offering rewards to your loyal customers. And those rewards can be structured in almost any way to products, services, discounts or even adding spendable value directly to the card.
The essence of a successful loyalty program is to reward customers for their loyalty and you can configure it in almost any way that generates positive response.

Our organization has more than one location, how can we reconcile the transactional activity and use of our loyalty cards between each?

With LoyalMark, automatic fund transfers are managed real-time and reports can be accessed securely when needed.

Our locations have different POS systems, how can they all be integrated to a LoyalMark loyalty program?

LoyalMark systems can integrate with most POS systems or terminals. We even offer stand-alone terminals and a complete web-based solution connected via a secure Internet connection.

How does a loyalty program create a win-win scenario between customers and merchants?

The quick answer is that when successfully implemented a loyalty management program delivers an amazing amount of information about your customers.
From that information you can start to work and build the way you target your market. You can measure the results of all your activities. You can focus your efforts and build the emotional bond and confidence that your customers have with you. You can respond to your customers’ needs at the same time as you can relate to them and adjust your offerings accordingly. And with some of the information you might even be in a better position to re-merchandise your offering, store layout and even fixturing and signage to improve the customer experience.
One of the strongest points that a good loyalty program achieves is when loyal customers start talking to each other and others about your brand. It’s tough to put a price on word-of-mouth advertising and when customers become your advocate you really are adding a sales-force to your brand offering.
Your LoyalMark representative is backed by a is team of senior marketing specialists with many years retail marketing experience behind them. In addition we have a first-class team providing technical and graphics support. Combined they offer a unique professional resource to every client and are more than happy to address any issue or question that you may have.

If you have any additional questions or to discuss your specific needs please contact us directly.

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