Loyalty and Gift

A full-featured, Corporate, Loyalty, and Gift Card acquisition and management solution. By processing transactions in secure, real-time mode, LoyalMark allows you to offer your customers real-time rewards right at the point of sale. LoyalMark can be integrated with existing point of sales systems or may run stand-alone on the BNA point of sale terminal. Using GUI interfaces, programs can be created, maintained and updated quickly and efficiently.

LoyalMark services include the setting up and maintaining of all program initiatives- we do all the technical work allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

LoyalMark will work closely with you in order to ensure that the overall presentation of the loyalty program meets the desired objectives. From the physical aspects of the card to the web based reporting- our comprehensive solution is customized to meet your unique requirements.

LoyalMark Successes

Successfully being used by a leading manufacturer in the hardware industry to provide a loyalty program that enables them to build a direct relationship with the end-users of their products. This program is viewed as a first in this highly competitive industry and may be one of the first where manufacturers from any industry can gain first-hand knowledge of end-users of their product line.

Secure Payment Gateway

Certified payment gateway which provides for the secure, authenticated and rapid delivery of financial transactions over high-speed Internet and wireless GPRS.

NavisTran Successes

  • Certified (Interac) to process debit and credit payment requests in 2004
  • Enabled a major theme park in Canada to use wireless point of sale terminals throughout their venue- eliminating the need to wire the entire park. This was the largest single installation of wireless POS terminals in the world.
  • In conjunction with our partner Global Payment Systems of Canada, NavisTran is being used by one of the largest restaurant corporations in Canada to process high-speed Internet based transactions.

Customized Solutions

LoyalMark’s services include the design, development and support of customer-specific applications and interfaces; as well as staging, device deployment and merchant support.

Development Successes

  • Developed and certified over 30 payment application in the United States and Canada over an 18 month period
  • Customized and integrated numerous solutions encompassing both LoyalMark and NavisTran
  • Chosen by a 3rd party warranty provider to service and manage point of sale warranty claims

Payment Processing

KESM’s Payment Solution is designed to provide our customers with the value-added solutions traditional providers cannot or will not provide:


Our payment gateway is certified to process credit and Interac debit transactions over the Internet and Roger’s wireless GPRS networks.

Paragon Integration Application:
KESM’s Paragon Payment Integration Application simplifies the work to integrate point of sale systems with debit/credit payment terminals. VISA and MasterCard continue to make security and cardholder privacy requirements more stringent with the responsibility of adherence being passed squarely on the merchant. KESM keeps on top of these requirements ensuring that all our solutions are in accordance. For example: In accordance with the soon to be enforced PCI regulations, Paragon securely retains all cardholder sensitive information within our tamper-proof terminal and secured network. In contrast and in violation to PCI, would be the use of a mag-stripe wedge connected to a PC-based point of sale system. This configuration results in the cardholder’s track information being stored, in most cases, on an unsecured and easily accessibly PC.

Acquirer-Neutral Solution:
KESM has positioned our payment solution to be acquirer neutral. What this means to you and your franchisees is that you are free to negotiate the best rates with the acquirer of your choice without having to change any hardware without your infrastructure.

Acquirer-neutral allows you to standardize the payment terminals at each location, regardless of the acquirer that your franchisee uses.

Like most of our competitors, KESM’s payment solution is also “bank neutral”, which allows you and your franchisees to maintain their banking (i.e. bank account) relationship.

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