Gift Card Program

Loyalty Gift Card Programs
A LoyalMark Gift Card Program delivers your business a personalized Gift Card for your customers that is very convenient and has cash value. Gift Cards today have popular customer acceptance and statistics show that consumers invariably spend more than the face value of the Gift Card!

Gift cards are seen as a convenient and popular gift and they stimulate impulse sales when promoted at a checkout. They also reduce fraud as they are only activated by the customer at the POS for greater security. And, customer usage data captured each time the card is used supplies really useful data.

There is no better or easier way to recognize and reward your loyal customers. You can even tailor your LoyalMark Gift Card Program to tailor to individual customer preferences.

A LoyalMark Gift Card Program is the most powerful loyalty marketing tool available. They invoke reciprocity. They can reward loyal customers in value-added ways and to stimulate amazing “word of mouth” activity. Statistics prove that consumers often spend almost twice the face value of the gift card. When activated, the customer transaction usage data is fully tracked, each time the card is used.

Convenience Stores, Gasoline Retailers, Coffee Shops, Specialty Retailers, Salons & Spas, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Hardware Store, Hotels, Motels, Entertainment facilities and Online businesses are all examples of retail businesses that can all take great advantage from a LoyalMark Marketing Solution – growing sales and profits

All LoyalMark Gift Card programs are implemented with 24/7 technical and operations support.

Gift Card Programs

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