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Hotel Loyalty Program

How A Hotel Loyalty Program Can Grow Your Occupancy

By David Sorbara - 13th August 2013

With the economy in the shape it’s in today, every business is looking for the best ways to get valued customers to stay connected to them. While specials...

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What Customers Think About Loyalty Programs

What Customers Think About Loyalty Programs

By Sam Sorbara - 6th August 2013

When it comes to a customer loyalty program, they come in all shapes and sizes. While some offer discounts, others offer free services or incentives for repeat business...

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step to promote your loyalty program

Steps To Promote Your Loyalty Program

By David Sorbara - 30th July 2013

For any business no matter how large or small, a customer loyalty program brings in more repeat business than any other form of advertising. You first need to...

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Coffee Shop Customer Loyalty Program

Any Size Coffee Shop Can Benefit From Customer Loyalty Program

By Sam Sorbara - 23rd July 2013

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to build up a company’s clientele and portray themselves as a trustworthy establishment. This can apply to companies of all sizes...

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Golf Course Loyalty Programs

Golf Courses Benefit From Customer Loyalty Program

By David Sorbara - 16th July 2013

In today’s competitive world, it is a huge asset to any company to implement a customer loyalty program. No matter what industry you work in, competition is present....

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