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Virtual Gift Card

Should I Sell Virtual Gift Cards Online?

By Sam Sorbara - 1st December 2011

Imagine gathering around your Christmas tree with your loved ones, and there are no gifts under the tree. Instead of exchanging physical gifts and tearing up wrapping paper,...

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QR Codes and Gift Card Program

QR Codes and Their Role in Gift Card and Loyalty Programs

By Sam Sorbara - 30th November 2011

QR codes, or quick-response codes, are a type of technology used by retailers. They are also known as 2D codes and matrix codes. QR codes are frequently used...

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Bonus Gift Cards

Encourage Customers to Buy More: Offer Gift Cards as a Promotion

By Mike Sorbara - 28th November 2011

Gift cards are a big hit, particularly during the holidays, because they make gift giving easier and consumers love them. But the value of gift cards isn’t limited...

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Best Loyalty Programs

How Important Is a Solid Loyalty Card Solution These Days?

By Sam Sorbara - 25th November 2011

In this day and age, the competition for businesses is fierce. Consumers are bombarded with options, so in order to generate more leads and sales, it’s essential to...

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Near Field Communication

What Is Near Field Communication and Is It Here to Stay?

By Sam Sorbara - 23rd November 2011

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, is a short-range communication technology that allows for simplified transactions between two devices that are in proximity to each other. NFC...

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