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Customer Loyalty

Why Should I Have A Loyalty Program?

By Sam Sorbara - 24th October 2011

Loyalty Programs – Are They Important? Loyalty programs and reward cards have been developed by companies to retain their most valuable asset; their satisfied customer. These programs continue...

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egift cards

What is an E-Gift Card?

By Mike Sorbara - 21st October 2011

At one time, gift certificates, money and e-gift cards were considered thoughtless and impersonal. Now e-gift cards are a favoured option for harried business people and trendy adolescents...

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Mobile Payment Apps and Gift Cards

Mobile Apps and Gift Cards of the Future

By Sam Sorbara - 18th October 2011

Far from mobile apps are the days when your coffee shop took a hole-punch from behind the counter to punch a hole in your tattered cardboard ‘loyalty card’....

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Social-Media and Loyalty Cards

How Can Social Media Help Drive Your Loyalty Program?

By Sam Sorbara - 14th October 2011

Most companies know it is better to keep your current customers happy rather than going out to pursue new customers. To keep customers happy some businesses have developed...

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Obsolete Credit Cards

The 11th Hour for Credit Cards

By Sam Sorbara - 11th October 2011

Credit cards were thought of as the way of the future. Lately however, technology is advancing quickly and consumers require faster and easier ways to purchase more and...

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