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“The integration with LoyalMark allows Maitre’D users to further capitalize on the extensive sales data that lives in Maitre’D POS, and increase their sales. What’s great about Loyalmark is that their solution is a simple yet powerful marketing tool, offering lots of value for Maitre’D POS customers.”
– Michel Côté, President at Posera-HDX

“The combined feature rich capabilities offered by Maitre‘D and LoyalMark provide restaurateurs the most comprehensive marketing solution available today”
– Mike Sorbara, President at LoyalMark

LoyalMark is not only a certified partner of Posera – Maitre’D POS, but we also share a great relationship! Click here for our article.

LoyalMark has integrated its dynamic and robust marketing solutions to the Maitre’D POS for loyalty, gift and mobile application. We are the only solution currently integrated to Maitre’D that can track purchases at the SKU(product) level, allowing you to target market to your customer base and run very specific promos – promotions on specific products, days/weekends/weeks/holidays etc…

LoyalMark’s integrated loyalty solution will not only help you attract new customers but will also help you better understand and know your current customers, as well as drive them into your restaurant(s) more frequently, which in turn will result in increased sales!

LoyalMark is capable of running a variety of programs in real-time; for example:

  • Points based programs
  • Tiered/Stair-Step accrual and redemption – allow your customers to earn at different rates and redeem at different levels
  • % Discounts
  • Frequency based programs
  • Digital stamp card
  • Coupons etc.
  • Gift Card program

LoyalMark’s solution allows you to run your loyalty programs and gift card program simultaneously on one card!

LoyalMark has developed a feature, which interfaces with the Maitre’D POS, that will enhance the interaction between yourself and your customers! This feature will provide you the capability of knowing who the customer is at the POS after their card is swiped, phone number is entered, or mobile app is scanned.

  • If the card is registered, the consumers first and last name will appear on the screen as well as their points balance and program status.
  • If the card is not registered, the display will show the consumers balance and notify you that the card is not registered.

The benefits of this feature are: Engaging in customer interaction

  • Being able to address the consumer on a first or last name basis
  • Making the card holder feel a sense of VIP status
  • Aware the consumer of their points balance and potentially lead them to spend more money to reach a certain level at the time of purchase
  • Connect with the customer on a more intimate level and create an overall better customer experience.

The dynamic partnership and relationship between Maitre’D and LoyalMark will help you:

  • Grow your business
  • Increase your sales
  • Enhance your interaction with your customers during their visits
  • Increase customer frequency
  • Keep your customers engaged with what is going on
  • Retain your current customer base and show them your true appreciation
  • Attract new customers
  • Run active promotions and keep your customers excited
  • Better marketing strategies

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