Online Loyalty Program Reports

Online Loyalty Program Reporting
Businesses are looking for a clearly defined means of measuring how effective each marketing program is – how programs contribute to the growth and profitability of the company as a whole.

It is difficult to determine if a marketing program is effective outside of an increase in sales.  But who actually responded to the program?  What can be done to keep those customers coming back?

Some common questions you might ask as a business owner are:

  • Who are your most loyal customers?
  • Are customers spending more or less?
  • What areas of the market share are we not reaching?
  • Which marketing programs are successful and Why?

The key to answering these questions is in the collection and analysis of critical data, which defines the relationship between customer response and marketing effectiveness.

By implementing a gift card program & loyalty card program that is designed to provide relevant customer data reports, you will have the tools to create and track successful marketing programs and develop a marketing plan that is built around long-term profitability and continued growth.

Gift card program & loyalty card program reports are customized and developed to meet your specific requirements. Reports are made available, via the web, to Corporate (Marketing, Information Technology, Finance, Store Operations), Store based reporting, Customer/Card Holder (Registration, Sales History, etc.), and Customer Service/Support.

Online Loyalty Program Reporting

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