Payment Processing

Payment Processing ServicesLoyalMark offers the most competitive rates in the Payment Processing industry through our state-of-the-art secure systems.  Our systems specialists can integrate our Payment Processing systems with existing systems, securely and confidentially. We are partners with one of North America’s leading credit/debit providers: BNA’s Smart Payments, and through that arrangement can offer our customers some of the lowest pricing in the industry on processing. Our customers save on the transactional costs at the same time receiving a data mine of information.

Our systems securely integrate POS systems with debit/credit payment terminals. They are acquirer-neutral. Clients can negotiate their arrangements with any provider. Our gateway is certified to securely process credit and Interac debit transactions over the Internet and Roger’s wireless GPRS networks.

VISA and MasterCard continue to make security and cardholder privacy requirements more stringent with the responsibility of adherence being passed squarely on the merchant. Our solutions operate in accordance with all requirements. We meet PCI regulations. With a tamper-proof terminal, all cardholder information is retained securely in our encapsulated system. This is notably better than any mag-stripe card swipe alternative that can be vulnerable to security breaches.

Clients retain control of their existing banking relationships as we offer a bank-neutral solution.

For secure, affordable credit and debit card processing solutions. Please contact us today.

Payment Processing Services

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