Why LoyalMark

Loyalty Marketing Solutions
Tailored To The Specific Needs Of Your Business

There is no better or easier way to develop your business than to implement a LoyalMark marketing program. The direct results your business will generate will be seen immediately in sales growth and repeat business.

Our company successfully manages thousands of loyalty programs for retail and commercial clients, large and small on a daily basis. We are known and respected as a company that specializes in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) providing total solutions.

A LoyalMark comprehensive marketing program will generate respect and appreciation for your business. They are very affordable to implement and can easily extend your existing marketing activities. The good news is that you will not have to wait long to see direct, bottom line results from your investment.

A LoyalMark marketing program is amazingly easy to set up – customized to suit your specific needs. All programs include 24/7 technical and operations support to ensure the integrity and performance of your program.

Our competitive costs include managing all aspects from design and development to secure transactional and data collection systems and more.
We listen well and work to understand your specific objectives. Our team will work with you from the initial campaign design stages and continue to assist through all aspects of launch and implementation. And, if you have any questions, a dedicated account contact is always available.
LoyalMark will exceed your expectations and we would be proud to add your company to our many satisfied clients.

  • A Loyalty Marketing Program will build your brand equity. It is an excellent way to enhance your customer’s experience doing business with your company – and reward them appropriately.
  • Customer relationship data is a mine of important marketing information allowing you to focus your offering, refine selections, hone skills and address issues.
  • Preferred ‘VIP’ status. Registered recipients appreciate the ‘special’ value or reward offered which generates added-value to your relationship and boosts their status.
  • Personalize your Loyalty Program. Customer targeted profiles and promotions create additional sales of key items.
  • Develop your business relationships. A Loyalty Program securely captures profile data which is an excellent way to retain and reward people – clients and associates. It recognizes their ongoing relationship with your organization.
  • Loyalty Marketing a great way to personally recognize relationships and individual performance. Target specific markets or customers with customized loyalty promotions.
  • Gift Cards build brand loyalty for your business. Convenient and the most popular gift purchase in various denominations to suit every budget.
  • Tremendous consumer acceptance and appreciation.
  • Traffic Builder – attract new customers to your stores.
  • Reloadable – create a loyal customer database and ensure additional repeat business.
  • Boost brand equity and credibility in the marketplace and profit from increased sales.
  • All transactions are securely tracked providing useful customer information. Secure access allows you to monitor itemized purchases in real-time and then be able to use that data to develop future programs.
  • Free Online activity reports (secure access controlled) available 24/7 in various configurations for management.

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